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That Old Black Magic...

21 August
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.the girl.

yes, I am a girl...and often I am girly. like a girl. But to the bigger issues...
I let my emotions get in the way of things, but doesn't everyone? I have these issues with people and things that I really don't like discussing, but if you read my journal sometimes it will come up.

Senior at Pearland High School...woohoo </sarcassam>

Recently involved in a relationship. It feels stable and warm yet fragile at the same time...I like watching it develop. and living it.

.the boys.

i.e. all of my friends (with the exception of Julie...although sometimes I wonder...j/k jules you know I love you...

well, there is Dallas and the boys...whom are all very amusing with the exception of Alex who makes me shiver (and not in the good way)

Eman-I don't really know how to comment right now...
Jonathan-hmmm...see above, plus ten times more
Larry-ex-best friend who is a homosexual, and causes lots of drama in my life
Thaddeus-Horn dog but cool
Jason- the only person besides julie who doesn't roll their eyes when I go fandom, because he is my fanboy...and makes me squee, though I never admit to doing it.
Julie- Only girl I know who would name their car after Jessica Alba :p

.the hobbies.

I am a writer...I write all of the time. This is what I love to do...also reading...debating...shopping...and the occasional fangirl squeeing in LJ.

.the rest.

Harry Potter right now...well, that is what I do with my OL buds...then there is of course the RL buds who have their whole corruption thing going on...which I am in NOOOOO way responsible for...


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