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That Old Black Magic...
yes yes i am actually on line for once in my life. well I am tired. I hate school because I have no time for anything else. that is all.
3 believe in magic or don't you?
Waiting for jason to call so we can go to lunch. I'm bored. So I decided to update since it has been ages. yeah hopefully jason will call soon cuz i'm getting hungry. I want to write some today but I know I won't get the chance. So when I get home from with jason

heee now jason is on the phone so I am going to go. heeee

::bounces away::

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don't you?
ok, so I get to the point where I think things are getting better, right? and then...poof. I don't know what is up with julie right now. she confuses me, honestly. I don't know why she won't talk with me about whatever it is that she is pissed off about. I have to find out from nickand Eman and fucking Jonathan that she feels betrayed. which is like a slap in the face.

so yeah, I am glad that I got off the team because this is all too much shit for me to deal with. Newspaper is going to be fun. It is really laid back and there is no fucking drama. It feels good to start off tabula Rasa. check me out using the cool vocab words.

but anyway, I will write more later. I just checked my email and got frustrated.

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Ok, ou want to know what I think? I think that I am going to act my senior year out in a hedonistic manor. Because I realized that I have been happy like zero persent of my high school life and it is because of the fact that my friends are immature little babies when it comes to me. They seem to think that I have no real autonomy and that I am a puppet who must be pulled by someone's strings all the time. Example:

Sophmore year there was larry, which I agree was not one of the best years of my life but me and larry had fun ok and no I do not regret my time spent with him.

Then there was last year when I basically did nothing that I actrually wanted to do because I just kept getting sicker and sicker and litterally feeling miserable the entire year even after got out of the hospital because I was just putting on this face that no one ever saw throought because none of my friends even really know me and they like to pretend they do.

No I have Jason, and they want me to give him up because he tells me to make my own decisions and really has no influence in things regarding debate because he could careless what I do. So I make my own decisions and they want to blame my actions and the fact that I FUCKING DON'T CARE ABOUT FUCKING DEBATE ANYMORE on Jason. go ahead guys. really. be immature like that see if I fucking care ok. its not going to make me ay less concerned about my health and any more in gear on debate for this year because for the last time ever since i got out of the hospital i wasn't enthused anymore.

so yeah. just deal ok and stop sending jonathan to call my house because I don't fucking care and he isn't going to make me ok so just stop. now because you have all pissed me off and I really don't want to take anymore of this shit. I have to mch other stuff to deal with right now.

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I am seventeen today ::dances:: finally...its not like all of everyone I know isn't already, but still, its feat for me, ok?

anyway I am giddy cuz this morning I woke up and realized that "She will be Loved" is totally Jason and mine's song! taht is so grammatically incorrect but I don't know how to put that grammatically correct. now my jewel cd is skipping and it makes e sad

I just flipped it on cuz i didn't feel like looking for a cd.

any way I stole shirley's slitherine tie this morning. so I am being goofy. we are going to the movies. and I am making my list of fave songs for psych. so yeah. those are my plans for today. very very happy.

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Because i haven't read my friend's page in ages and I have late ficathon assignments to do.

But then I have psych project due monday and movies with shirley tommorow.

which will be a blast cuz i'm 17!! wooot

I just have to set aside four hours this weekend to work on psych crap and then another four for english. then I can be all smiles....

oh! Crossno said home work was to watch a movie this weekend, so I will be doing that when I go to the movies with my loverly sister...

okies!! now I must go and make myself look spectacular for my date with Jason tonight. we have both had rather crummy weeks at school so I am trying to be all dazzling gorgeous girlfriend. Espeacially because he was hit on today by Jenet so yeah...Got to show him what he has...lol kidding but seriously, I feel like getting all pretty.

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don't you?
Verdie was sad. But now she is happy and she never wants to not be happy again. so she isn't going to.

stopping the 3rd person now.

got three pairs of shoes...one pair of steve madden heels that i am in loooooove with. two standard maryjanes.

new cosmo which I will read at somepoint during boring classes at school

Jason I love you please don't doubt us ever...please.

that is all

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Listening to the Jewel CDs have made me remeber how badly I want an accustic guitar of my very own...(Jewel songs just soung like crap if you try to plug them in...)

any one have any suggestions of how I can get the fam to chip in and get me one for my b-day? (coming up the 21st...)

Cuz yeah...I need to learn some of these songs cuz i lurve them...

suggestions...I'm open to anything people

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Ok so...Just got In and settled from work

let me just say--suckaroo...ok...little midget man of an assistnat manager? listen up.

I nolonger work in pricing

when I clock in to work as a CASHEIR

kindly do not make me do pricing crap that I do not remember and have sworn to never d again. thank you.

and Matt? dorky sacker boy who is a junior...do not try to flirt with me while you bag groceries for me. It is neither cute nor charming.

that is about it for the work ranting...

Having lunch with shirley tommorow I think. that will be cooool oh! and she made me pretty uma layouts so that makes me happy.

i'm out now. later.

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don't you?
yeah...My paid account is about to expire, so I think I'm just going to let it and then get a different journal, seeing as how I just don't like this name anymore and all that. so yeah. That's the news.

more later. ten to the hour, every hour...not really, but I'm a dork.

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3 believe in magic or don't you?